Screen enclosures long island ny

Keeping Bugs out of your Screen Enclosure

You bought a screen patio enclosure, able to keep the bugs away from your patio and off of your party guests. But somehow, they just keep coming in and bugging you!

If bugs keep finding their way into your enclosure, then there are a few things you can check before calling a professional.

Look at the Openings

Every screen enclosure has openings. Where they meet the wall, where they meet the floor, and some of them even have doors you can unzip to get inside. If these areas aren’t sealed properly or are left open, then bugs come in.

So do a walk around and inspect the openings of your screen enclosure, noting any areas that might not be 100% sealed. And then do your best to patch them up.

Look for Damage

Screen enclosures long island ny can get damaged by the weather, by animals, and by accidents. If the holes caused by the damage aren’t fixed, then they can become doors for bugs and can reduce the effectiveness of the enclosure altogether.

Make sure to do inspections of the screen every few weeks, especially if you see an increase in bugs. The damage will need to be repaired quickly before it causes even more problems and becomes harder to repair.

Go Underneath

If you have a deck for your patio, the bugs could be coming in from underneath through the holes in the wood. If this is the case, you can install a screen for your deck to block those holes.

Be Vigilant

Screen enclosures long island ny

If the problems still persist, then you might need to call in a professional and have them take a look at the screen enclosure.

But as long as you remain vigilant and do your best to check on the screen, the bugs should stay out of your patio!