bathroom lighting lancaster

Tips on Choosing Lighting for Bathrooms

Lighting design can be difficult to master, which is why there are specialists that focus specifically on lighting. Choosing the lighting is a task that can become overwhelming quickly, as each area requires specific lighting options. The overall bathroom needs to be designed so that it flows together, as well, which can be a challenge to achieve.

Side-Mounted Sconces

bathroom lighting lancaster

These sconces are ideal for lighting bathrooms and are popular amongst homeowners that want to enhance bathroom lighting lancaster homes have. They can be mounted beside mirrors or at eye-level, but you should keep in mind that the placement should be considered carefully. For example, shade openings should be slightly lower than eye level for down-lights and above for up-lights.

Plan for Layers

Bathrooms can benefit greatly from having layers of lighting placed in them, especially when you use three layers. Light needs to be evenly distributed, so mix ambient light with task lighting and accent lighting to get the best effect in the bathroom. Task lighting allows you get things done, such as brushing your teeth or shaving, while accent lighting highlights features and ambient lighting lights the general area.

Use Alternatives

Bring your own style to your bathroom; you don’t have to use sconces as lighting fixtures. If you don’t want to add sconces to the bathroom, consider adding pendant lights instead. These lights look elegant and can function as either accent lighting or ambient lighting whenever necessary.

Bathroom lighting should be considered with great care, as this room is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. You want to make sure that you can see the way you want while inside the bathroom by using side mounted sconces, planning to use layered lighting, and using alternative lighting fixtures if you don’t want to go with classic combinations.